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Okay well since everyone likes to talk *** it’s time for me to step in and tell the truth.

JAMES and his wife purchased a chihuahua when she was only a couple weeks old. We guarantee delivery in a reasonable amount of time And do it according to the size and age of the puppy.

The chihuahua was too small to leave my parters nursery so we had to hold off on the delivery for 2 weeks. Once the pup hit the weight and age fit for travel we set up for myself to go pick the puppy up in Toronto and delivered to Calgary by monitored cargo.

I’d like to specify that the clients paid 5,500 Canadian dollars for the puppy. We were asking 5,500$US not Canadian. Any how the wire was sent and there was a balance owed due to the conversion. We specifically mention to the clients and have this conversation on text that the funds needed to be sent in US currency to the US account. Unfortunately it wasn’t and now they refuse to pay what’s owed on a puppy that we took the liberty of picking up in a different city and didn’t even charge those cost related to this process. I also booked a flight with air canada and paid for it out of pocket hoping to get the remaining balance owed. To my surprise they clients flip the page on us and started insulting our business and our reputation. They posted lies above to make us look bad and to me this isn’t fair. We are in the business to make families happy by providing the world‘s tiniest and most healthiest puppies it isn’t our fault if you have buyers remorse and decide at the end of the process when the dog is with us that you’d like to cancel the whole thing. Unfortunately these are live animals and it doesn’t always go as planned for delivery dates. But we never ever took someone’s MONEY AND DID NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY PAID FOR.

I AM INCLUDING MY CELL : 438.874.7877 for anyone looking for information on this matter including bill of sale, wire receipts , pictures of the puppy and Airway bill number for the flight I paid and lost money on.

Shame on people who sit behind there computers and cellphones and just troll on innocent hard working people. Your comments reviews only motivate us to sell more puppies to loving and caring families.

Below you will find just some of the messages between me and the client. Believe me when I say there’s always TWO SIDE TO A STORY .


The puppy is with us now and I am caring for it and giving the love it deserves as the family who purchased her didn’t look like they could provide a happy home ( delusional , disrespectful & ungreatful ).

Fyi( 2) I did not take their money it is with us as a credit until we resolve this matter amicably and that all this hate and lies is removed from this website :)

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